Chelsea Flower Show 2015


Scape Design participate at the 'Chelsea Flower Show' in London (19 - 23 May 2015) winning a gold medal for the creation of a main show garden 'Perfumer's Garden in Grasse' sponsored by L'Occitane UK.

The perfume industry in Grasse has been in decline for several years and many of the traditional plantations have become overgrown, but now with the support of ecologically-sensitive companies like L'Occitane, the industry is experiencing a significant renaissance. The garden is designed to reflect this with historic elements and a more naturalistic view to represent the history of the perfume industry combined with an emerging, more tended feel that shows the present day growing importance of Grasse for perfume. The planting is designed to be aromatic, a sensation of smell, recreating the Provençal hillsides and the history of the perfume industry and will include osmanthus, iris, bergamot, lavender and thyme. Fig and rosemary hedges provide both scent and reflect their historical use for drying clothes and infusing them with their floral scent.                                  >>> PLANT LIST

Show garden

Click here to watch the video 'L'Occitane en Provence - The Making of a Scented Show Garden'.