Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Scape Design participate at the 'Chelsea Flower Show' in London (24 - 28 May 2016) winning a gold medal for the creation of  the show garden 'L'Occitane Garden' sponsored by L'Occitane UK.

'L’Occitane Garden' celebrates the 40th anniversary of this natural beauty brand by returning to the company's roots in Provence. In 1976, at the heart of Provence, a young Olivier Baussan found a discarded old steam distiller and started producing essential oils from local rosemary and lavender growers, which he then sold at the local markets. The garden is a recreation of the beauty of the harsh environment of Haute Provence.

The garden presents the edge of a lavender field, and looks out onto the rolling hills and stunted woodland of Provence. The plain beyond the garden represent local agriculture with the lavender and almonds typical of this area. A gentle stream runs from a stone hut through the middle of the garden before disappearing under a dry stone bridge. Scent and colour play an important part and add to the sensorial atmosphere of this garden.

Three hundred different plant varieties specific to the region are used and all materials are native to the area.

Follow the 18 days of the garden build: