Gardening World Cup (GWC) 2013

Scape Design participate in the 'Gardening World Cup 2013' in Nagasaki/Japan (12th - 20th of October 2013) with the garden 'ad infinitum' winning a Silver medal.

The annual ‘Gardening World Cup’ attracts the best international garden designers and has been host to numerous gold medal winners from the prestigious ‘Chelsea Flower Show'. World-class garden designers come together in order to compete in the World Cup of gardening competition and show their top level garden. The theme for this year’s competition was ‘A Prayer for Peace with Flowers and Greenery.’ The ‘Gardening World Cup’ sent a message of peace through gardening to the world from Nagasaki, the one of only two cities in the history of the world which has been devastated by nuclear weapons.

The design of the show garden ‘ad infinitum’ is inspired by the famous water lily (Les Nymphéas) paintings which Claude Monet donated to France on the day after the armistice for World War 1 – signed on the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918. The garden takes the oval shape of the 'Orangerie'(the gallery designed specifically for these paintings in Paris) as it's base and the number 11 is a recurring theme. Submerged steel panels hint at the end of an industrial age with what could be a sunken WW1 tanker creating the main structure. The entire garden is a water garden with hummocks of land rising with plantings designed to reflect in the water. As in Monet's painting once inside the garden there is no horizon giving the impression of infinity, the tree canopy is low and the weeping willows as Monet intended represent the fallen soldiers of the trenches. Water rains through the trees and from the lights softening the entire space making one want to stay and experience the garden 'ad infinitum'. 
For more information, please visit the official website of the 'Gardening World Cup 2013':