Philadelphia Flower Show 2014

Scape Design participate at the 'Philadelphia Flower Show 2014' (1 - 9 March 2014) in Philadelphia, USA, winning gold and two major awards: "The Governor’s Trophy" for a landscape major exhibit of 100 s.m. or over, that demonstrates the most innovative or unique design and "The Special Achievement" for the best achievement in thoughtful landscape design.

Video James

Click here to watch a video of James Basson live from the Philadelphia Flower Show 2014.

The Show welcomes 225 000 visitors annually from the United States and overseas and it is both the largest and the oldest indoor show in the world. The theme of next year's show is 'Articulture'.

Scape Design will create a garden inspired by the Monegasque artist Albert Diato. The garden aims to explore Diato's understanding of the Mediterranean light and climate but also be a reflection on the Artists values and character: Dried grasses and other Mediterranean plants create a golden field, young shoots at the base create the subtle nuances in colour. Inspired by the form of Diato's ceramic work a large silvery bowl 4m wide stands proud of the floor plane filled with water that ripples with the aid of a ceiling fan. A 2 meter high rammed earth wall creates a sheltered spot in the garden, this echoes back to Diato's time spent in Afghanistan where this type of building material is common place and one he experimented with in his clay works. The seat is a burnt tree stump.