Radicepura Garden Festival 2017

Radicepura Garden Festival 2017Scape Design will participate at the 'Radicepura Garden Festival 2017' in Sicily (21 April - 21 October 2017).

'Radicepura Garden Festival' is the first international garden design event in the heart of the Mediterranean area that gathers together institutions, assosciations, new talent, great artists, landscapers and architects of this nation-wide and international territory. 10 gardens will be created for the 'Radicepura Garden Festival'. www.radicepurafestival.com

The garden is inspired by the myth of Alpheus (the river god) and Arethusa (his muse) which links Greece and Sicily. Alpheus fell in love with the beautiful nereid Arethusa as she bathed in his waters. Not wanting to indulge his amorous overtures Arethusa prayed to her protectress Artemis to hide her. Artemis wrapped her in a cloud to conceal her, Arethusa in her fear started to transpire and gradually dripped back into Alpheus’ waters. As their two liquid forms merge Artemis strikes the earth to allow Arethusa to flee through cavernous chasms under the Mediterranean Sea before arriving in Syracuse in the form of a clear water spring in Ortygia, Sicily.

The inspiration for the planting design comes from the Petrarchan sonnet. The most famous of all traditional poetic forms, consisting of fourteen lines written in iambic pentameter with an elaborate rhyme pattern, was originally invented by a poet from the Sicilian school, Giacomo da Lentini. Following the iambic pentameter, the planting consists of 14 bands repeated per the pattern of the sonnet with height and texture reflecting the rhythm of the Pentameter. In keeping with the myth of Alpheus and Arethusa the standard subject-matter of early sonnets was the torments of sexual and unrequited love.