Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Scape Design participate at the 'Chelsea Flower Show' in London (23 - 27 May 2017) winning a gold medal and the award 'Best Show Garden' for the creation of the show garden 'The M&G Garden'.

Taking inspiration from the unique Mediterranean landscape of Malta, the design for the M&G Garden 2017 draws on the ecological diversity and sustainability of the region, which acts a microcosm for the planet as a whole.
Malta has made significant inroads into dealing with its ecological challenges, such as scarcity of water, the need to recycle and composting: challenges that we all need to consider to protect the environment.
To bring this story to life, James has structured the garden within a quarry, each with its own ecology, from coastal to woodland. Two imposing monolithic pillars of Maltese limestone will form the centrepiece of the garden, with the remaining space separated into a series of unique microclimates.
This is the first time some of these plants will have been seen in the UK, thanks to the Maltese government giving James special permission to use them. There will be some specific plants that are unique to Malta, showing off the incredible diversity of its ecologiesa: Euphorbia melitense, Darniella melitense, Limonium melitense, Mattiola incana subsp. Melitense. There is a strong amount of yellow and this is the predominant colour in the flowering plants in Maltese spring time.

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Crocus is working with Scape Design on ‘The M&G Garden’. Click here to get some impressions