Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Scape Design participate at the 'Singapore Garden Festival 2014' (16 - 24 August 2014) in Singapore winning a gold medal for the garden ‘Tartarus’ and an award for the best construction and best lighting.

Singapore goes into full bloom this August with the grandest gardens and finest floral displays. Featuring award-winning gardening luminaries from around the world. For more information about the participating designers, please click on the link as follows:

Scape Design create a garden which is inspired by tartarus – the greek mythology. ‘Tartarus’ the cavernous maw, where the Titans were banished for eternity. Atlas (the twisted metal root) bears the weight of the heavens supporting the upper plane of Mount Olympus planted with high altitude species. Here Chronos devoured his children (carnivorous plants) and we experience Sisyphus’ frustration as he pushes his rock up only to see it roll back down daily. The visitor enters the world of Tartarus, the vines, ironwork and planting are bound like Prometheus, Tantalus is condemned to stay submerged in a pool, with food and water tantalisingly just out of reach. The planting is lush, yet unruly, with plants in all stages of their life cycle. The exit is a curtain of fibre optic light strands - the threads of life and destiny, controlled by the Moirai (the three fates) offering memories, life and hope to those with the good fortune to leave Tartarus.