Singapore Garden Festival 2016

Scape Design participate at the 'Singapore Garden Festival 2016' (23 - 31 July 2016) winning a Silver Medal for the creation of the garden 'Where the Lavender Grows…'.

The garden is inspired by the countryside of Caussols, in the South East of France. There is a particular Kastic landscape where limestone outcrops push out of the mountainside.
The vegetation that grows here deals with extreme heat in the long dry summers, cold in the winter and torrential rain in the spring and autumn. Creating a particular flora in which Lavender grows. This garden is not intended to thrive here rather to demonstrate a different flora to the public of Singapore.
The intention for the garden is to create an abstracted natural landscape using a recycled industrial material, in this case the resin used to create the fibre glass. The colour blue was chosen to create a dramatic contrast between the naturalistic quality of the planting and the un-natural plastic colour. The forms echo the Cityscape behind the garden, high lighting our overuse of plastics and the planting suggesting a more natura-listic way of greening our Cities. All the mineral elements in the natural landscape are replaced here with plastic to create an integrated environment.
The seating area and path show that a garden has been created within this landscape. The lighting and furniture humanising the space. The Fiber optics take their inspiration from Lavender flowers.