Scape Design actively support Cancer Research UK with its show garden 'After the fire' at the centenary 'Chelsea Flower Show' in London in May 2013.

Scape Design and partners have underwritten the cost of the show garden 'After the fire' to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK. They have endorsed our fundraising activity as 25% of all funds will go directly to Cancer Research UK, and the balance will go towards deferring the cost of the garden, generating valuable recognition and publicity for the charity.

"We're delighted that Scape Design has chosen to support our work with its garden at Chelsea Flower Show this year. We hope this opportunity will enable us to highlight the importance of our work and the impact we're making. One day we will beat cancer, and support like this will enable us to make that day come sooner." Frances Milner, Director of Supporter-Led Fundraising at Cancer Research UK

Scape Design have received generous donations from clients, friends, sponsors and associates of Scape Design which have been greatly appreciated and will directly benefit Cancer Research UK.

Scape Design would like to thank: The Simone Family, Genevieve, Andreas Feichtinger, Michael Meighan, Irene Easun, Claudia Krinks for their generous donations.

We would like to thank also our many partners for their contributions in the supply and construction of the garden.