Low Maintenance

One of our principal aims is to create low maintenance gardens once the plants have established themselves. This can be achieved in the first 1- 3 years if planting happens in the autumn or with the aid of temporary irrigation if planting in spring. Whilst we understand the desire for lush green lawns our preference is to use alternatives such as thyme, zoysia or Lippia or other solutions as required. We tend to avoid big sweeping lawn areas preferring smaller more intimate areas created either with ground cover planting or paving. This avoids costly water bills, but also vastly reduces the quantity of mosquitoes present in the garden and discourages invasions by wild boar.

The need for weekly mowing in the summer is eliminated. If the garden is a completely dry one it is considered that three maintenance hits a year, two in the spring and one in the autumn are sufficient depending on the seasonal weather of course. We work in conjunction with several maintenance companies or private gardeners where desired.
We also offer a maintenance consultation which offers an on-going, quarterly written programme to advise on development, pruning etc and liaison with your gardener.